Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hello! My name is, Kelsey Higgins. I am a junior at Ohio University studying education. Fashion has always been apart of my life. Reading fashion magazines every week with my sisters, winning best dressed in high school, and following loads of fashion blogs helped me become inspired to do Fashion blog. Walking the bricks of Athens, Ohio, I am AMAZED by the work these men and women do on the daily with their styles. I want to show off the beautiful works of fashion 'art' in Athens by making this blog! I hope you enjoy!

Eudora Peterson


She really enjoys fashion! She loves her own personal style. I saw her in the front of Baker Center and I loved how she mixed animal print with stripes. Eudora's necklace is killer too!

Elisabeth Mau


I met Elisabeth while tabling at the Baker Center. I couldn't help but notice how polished and stylish she was! When asked what type of fashion she liked, she said high fashion. She likes to shop everywhere! This outfit is so classy!

Victoria Calderon


Can I just say how much I love those jeans? They are so perfect! I love how she paired the burst of color with a simple  white blouse. During school breaks, she works at J. Crew. She loves the preppy look of J. Crew and the quality of their clothing. 

Fay Miller


I think Michelle Obama has a run for her money! Watch out!  Faye is one of my best friends on campus. Her style is always so polished and high fashion. When asked what inspires her fashion, she said, "simple, chic, and classy". She is inspired by Michelle Obama's beautiful and ellagant looks. She says she shops sophisticated on a college budget. The one fashion accessory she can't live without is lip stick. With over 18 tubes of lipstick, she will always have a color or two with her! 

Michelle! You better watch out! Faye has you beat with her fashion!

Amrit Saini


He's not just my boyfriend, but he also has great fashion sense. Who would have thought we both won best dressed in high school? His favorite places to shop include Express and Banana Republic. 
(in the red)
Pelen Sun
When asked what inspires his fashion, he said Korean and English shops.
(in the green)
Terry Lei
When asked where he liked to shop, he said Hong Kong.
I met these two guys at on Court Street in Athens. I love how they dressed. Bleach blonde hair, bright yellow kicks,  and killer accessories. They were so fun to talk to!

Tricia McCulloch

Tri-County Cosmotology

I spotted Tricia on her break from work. Her tights, tattoos, and hair  stood out to me! I love it! When asked where she liked to shop, she said the thrift stores. AMEN sista! I love shopping at thrift stores. You can find such great gems when thrifting. She also said she liked to alter her clothing after purchasing them. I wish I asked where she got her boots! They are so great!


  1. I love your blog so much! Could you include close up shots so we can see outfit details? I really want to see Eudora's necklace up close!

  2. Hannah!!
    Yeah that's a great idea! good to know next time!

  3. athens fashion RULES! everyone has their own flavor. can't wait to see more!